Y is for Yangsze

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Book-ish Ghosts

Throughout the April challenge, you get to guess the ghost novel, ghost movie, or ghost beginning with the letter of the day. You can find Book-ish Ghosts contest rules here in the theme reveal.

Note to my readers:

Before we begin today’s mystery I need to apologize for the misbehavior of my blog. A week or so ago, a Jetpack update crashed my blog. A kind techie named Tim from HostGator got the blog back up for me after stripping all my plugins. Unfortunately, that strip-out resulted in some people having difficulty posting comments. That makes me especially sad because of our contest. I re-instated some plugins that should help with the comments. Fingers crossed we don’t crash again!

Anyhow, if you had or have any trouble posting, please tweet your guess(es) to @deb_atwood, or if you don’t use Twitter, send me an email (debatwood@hotmail.com) and I’ll add your response to my tabulations. Thank you!

Y is for Yangsze

Clue 1: Yangsze is not a river. (That would be spelled Yangtze.) Yangsze is the author of this 2013 novel involving supernatural matrimony.

Clue 2: The setting of this novel is colonial Malaya and the Chinese afterlife with ghost cities and tricky ghosts and paper funeral offerings.

Please leave your guess in the comments, or if you have trouble posting, use the Twitter or email address listed above. Thanks for your patience!

Yesterday’s movie is The Others. Enjoy the trailer. Check out the movie if you have not already done so.



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