Writerly Wednesday with Tasha

image flickr creative commons via photopin

image flickr creative commons via photopin

Writerly Wednesday with Tasha Duncan-Drake

Today I’m having a hanging out with the incomparable Tasha Duncan-Drake, prolific author and co-founder of Wittegenpress. She graciously hosted me for a joint discussion on a Korean ghost film called Tale of Two Sisters from Director Kim Jee-woon.

I first met Tasha through Blogging A to Z when we were happy to discover we both loved ghost film and fiction. I had a great time doing Blogging A to Z this year and met interesting people. I recommend joining up next year if you’re a blogger.

Anyhow, please hop on over to Tasha’s blog to see what we have to say about the ghostly Tale of Two Sisters (and, naturally, while you’re there, you’ll want to sign up for Tasha’s Thinkings.)

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