R is for Rascal

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Book-ish Ghosts

Throughout the April challenge, you get to guess the ghost novel, ghost movie, or ghost beginning with the letter of the day. You can find Book-ish Ghosts contest rules here in the theme reveal.

R is for Rascal

Yes, indeedy, the ghost of today’s novel is a rascal. Read on for your clues.

Clue 1: The Canadian author of this novel shares my last name but, sadly, is no relation.

Clue 2: The rascal ghost of this novel (which is a sort of modern adaptation of a fairy tale) does everything she can to “rob” (Hint, hint) three women of their loves and happiness.

Yesterday’s film is

Susie Q!

I hadn’t heard of this film before starting this A to Z challenge, but now I wish I had as it looks charming. I could not find it on Netflix or other streaming avenues. I did find it for sale for $15, but that seems extravagant for what might be a single viewing.

Have you seen the movie Susie Q? What did you think? Remember to leave your comment with your guess for the letter R!


R is for Rascal — 4 Comments

    • You are much more movie literate than I am. I didn’t even know The Robber Bride was made into a movie. When I read the movie description, I got the sense that the movie focuses on a police investigation. The book focuses more on the lives of the three women and how Zenia (the ghost) impacted them. Lots of fun fairytale allusions in the book.

    • Thanks for checking back. My blog went down yesterday. Apparently, a plugin update (looks like it’s Jetpack if anyone is about to update this plugin–beware!) caused a reaction with the blog. It took me a few hours to figure it all out, mostly thanks to a very nice techie named Tim from HostGator. HostGator came to the rescue!

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