M is for Momentous

M is for Momentous

It’s day 13 of

the A to Z Challenge!

Otherwise known as the letter M Day for my theme

Young Adult Novels and Novels with Young Adult Narrators.


My big, fat dictionary defines momentous as “of utmost importance’ and “having grave consequences.”

There is nothing more momentous in our everyday lives than losing a loved one, especially when that loved one dies before her time. Both of today’s young adult novels explore the momentous effects of losing a teen sister.


Minty by Christine Banach

I first came across Minty when I was searching for a twin book, which was one of the categories for the Book Challenge by Erin that I participate in. Minty and Jess are twins with matching dogs. As the book opens, Minty dies trying to save her dog from drowning, and Jess must learn to cope without her. The process is made more difficult when Minty re-enters her life as a ghost. (Yes, another ghost book! Who would have guessed?) I’ve never been a twin, but I cannot imagine a death more devastating than that of a young twin.

The Moment Before

The Moment Before by Suzy Vitello

Not twins, but Brady and Sabine are less than a year apart in age. They couldn’t be more different in personality. Brady is artsy and introspective while Sabine was wild and extroverted. When Sabine dies in a cheerleading accident, Brady’s life seems to crumble around her. In the wake of this momentous event, Brady finds herself re-examining relationships and discovering betrayals she was previously blind to before she can rebuild her life without her sister.

What is the most momentous book you’ve read–either containing a momentous event or having a momentous effect on you?

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M is for Momentous — 4 Comments

  1. When momentous events are well done, they grip the reader like nothing else. For young adults, especially, any momentous event will likely be the first of its kind for them, so it’s even bigger in magnitude. The accompanying emotions cannot be overstated. Great post!

    • That is true. I well remember as a teen reading my first declaration of love scene, my first breakup scene, my first sex scene, my first death scene. These are momentous when they happen on the page and help to prepare teens for when they happen in real life.

  2. I really like your word choice for M. And after reading the descriptions of the books you chose, I can’t help but think that one of most important functions for while readers of all ages enjoy stories is that they show us examples of how other people deal with momentous events. Thanks for pointing that out!

    Happy A to Z! 🙂
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