H is for Homeboy

H is for Homeboy

Homeboy is not a word I use much, but it fits the two Young Adult novels for today. Homeboy means (I decided to look it up…must be the writer-researcher in me) a close friend or someone from the neighborhood and has been in use, apparently, since 1897. Here I thought homeboy came into being in the gang era of the 1980’s.

Both of today’s books are buddy books in which a friend helps the main character with a tangible problem but also provides emotional support.

The Haunting of Renegade X

The Haunting of Renegade X by Chelsea M. Campbell

This novella is part of a series by an author I’ve never read before. So far, I’m really liking the voice, and I like how the author deftly drops in background information on a need-to-know basis. (I HATE info dumps.) Reading The Haunting of Renegade X I feel perfectly grounded even though I’ve read none of the other books in the series.


Holes by Louis Sachar

This book is on the younger side of the Young Adult genre. I often give this novel to my 6th grade students. But the writing is so powerful (it makes me jealous) that young and old alike will enjoy this book. It would make a good read-aloud book, for example. I am a sucker for buddy books, and this one does not disappoint, bringing together two boys who felt unworthy of friendship but who find and save each other. A lovely read!

What’s your favorite homeboy or homegirl book? These two happen to feature homeboys, but I love homegirl books too!

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