Your reading room

Books! Beautiful books!

Your Reading Room

If you’re reading this, then it follows as night follows day (I always wanted to use that simile, and now I have!) that you’re a reader. It also follows that you may be in need of the perfect reading room.

Bear with me. I know you have a place to read–perhaps it’s your bed with a bevy of pillows tucked in behind you, and you’re wearing your fuzzy bunny sleeper. But that’s not the reading room we’re discussing today. Today is all about pretending and maybe salivating but mostly we’re going to imagine, even fantasize about–

Your Ideal Reading Room!

Ready? Good. Let’s begin.

The first, most necessary of items in our reading room is a bookcase. I know you may be utterly devoted to your Kindle, Kobo, or Nook, but that doesn’t mean physical books don’t matter. They still do, so you’ll want to surround yourself with some actual books for that much-needed ambiance. Plus, you can’t get that smell of old paper or the touch of leather from an e-reader.

Besides, we’re not talking ordinary bookcases here. We’re talking the kind of bookcase you’ve read about in Gothic novels but didn’t imagine you could ever own, might not have known even existed, but this is your ideal reading room and therefore this is a hidden bookcase just for you:

image courtesy flikr creative commons

If you happen to be in the enviable position of remodeling or designing your own reading room, check out Hidden Doors by Design to see what they have to offer.

Now the second most important element in your ideal reading room is that you not be disturbed when reading. So, with a twist of the crown of Nefertiti here whose bust has been inconspicuously placed on a shelf, your magic bookcase swivels, and you step inside

File:Nefertiti bust.JPG

Queen Nefertiti courtesy Egyptian Museum Berlin via Wikimedia Commons

and behold your inner bookcase. This one is called the Athens Library and comes to us from Arhaus:

In addition to its roomy shelves, I love the idea of a ladder so that no book will ever be out of reach. If you happen to be wearing a skirt when perched atop the ladder though, be aware of any potential voyeurs nearby who may have an eye for more than your books.

Now that you are safe, hidden, and cozy in your reading room, it’s time to prepare yourself for your reading adventure. You’ll want to put on some primo reading music–perhaps classical instrumental or smooth jazz. Here’s a lovely media center that will go nicely with your furnishings so far from Arhaus:

TV Stands & Media Consoles

You can see more elegant pieces to mix into your reading space here.

And now, with a vibrant Amish quilt on the wall at your back,

By Hiart (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

plot yourself down in your easy reading chair, place your reading selection on the handy table, and gaze out the mullioned windows overlooking a grove of quaking aspens. As it’s fall, the trees are in full autumnal splendor.

There you have it–your fantasy reading room. Other items I didn’t mention but consider essential (otherwise, this post would go on forever, and you need to get to your reading) include Korean celadon pottery placed here and there on the bookshelves and an Aynsley tea cup on the table. Yes, the tea cup must be hand washed at the end of the day, but your household staff will be happy to take care of that for you.

So, how close did I get to your wildest dream? Can you picture yourself in this reading room? What did I leave out?

Now if only I lived here! Sigh…



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    • Oh, no, how could I forget a spot for the dogs? Shame on me. Yes, of course, we need soft socks, too. Thanks for bringing these oversights to my attention.

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