W is for Water

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Book-ish Ghosts

Throughout the April challenge, you get to guess the ghost novel, ghost movie, or ghost beginning with the letter of the day. You can find Book-ish Ghosts contest rules here in the theme reveal.

W is for Water

image via Dreamstime

image via Dreamstime

Wow, only five more days to go in our Blogging A to Z Challenge. Thanks for hanging in to the sweet end. Today’s mystery is one of my very favorite ghost movies (though it has not been as popular as others).

Clue 1: Water plays a key role in this movie as most of the ghostly manifestations take place in the bath tub or the lake.

Clue 2: This movie stars two stellar actors–Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford is a research professor at a university. Michelle Pfeiffer is the one receiving the ghost messages.

Leave your guesses in the comments. Answer forthcoming tomorrow!


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    • I’m so sorry about the trouble posting. I wonder if it’s affecting others. One of my plugins crashed my blog a week ago. I got it back up, but the blog is not running in the same way. I’m going to have to get someone to look at it, I think. I’m going to try leaving a comment of my own. Thanks for your guess and for persevering!

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