I is for It

I is for It 

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Book-ish Ghosts

Throughout the April challenge, you get to guess the ghost novel, ghost movie, or ghost beginning with the letter of the day. You can find Book-ish Ghosts contest rules here in the theme reveal.

We have another ghost movie.

For today’s guessing game, we are going to play Password. This is because you will never figure out this movie on your own, (unless you’re a hardcore movie history buff). I’d never heard of this one before I went searching. You wouldn’t think the letter I would be so hard, but I had a time of it.

So, Password. I give you clues and you fill in the blanks. The title contains three words. I already gave you the first word; to reiterate,  it is It. Got it?

Here are your clues for words two and three.

Clue 1: Second word—a synonym for occurred, begins with the letter H

Clue 2: Third word—the day following today

This movie is an old black and white film from 1944 about a newspaper reporter who unexpectedly receives a news headline predicting his own death.

Leave your guesses. Let’s see how you do.

Do you love old movies? I do. This one stars Dick Powell and Linda Darnell.

Almost forgot. The answer to yesterday’s mystery…

H is for


Have you read it? What did you think?


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    • I do remember that series Early Edition though it’s been a long time. I can’t remember if a ghost was involved in Early Edition though. But yeah, similar in that the journalist had to avert some tragedy before the early edition.

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